Sweet Potato Ice Cream with Candied Pecans

In one of the more unusual flavor combinations, David L. of A Perfect Scoop, proposes a Sweet Potato Ice Cream which I churned on Friday night.  If I am being honest, it didn’t bowl me over.  First off, there were no eggs in this recipe, that is to say, no base custard was made before the pureed sweet potatoes were added.  That’s a problem.  The eggs seems to emulsify the mixture and add a velvetiness that is otherwise not present.  The ice cream was good, but not great. It certainly does not approach my cheesecake ice cream (recipe below).  The cheesecake recipe also did not have the presence of eggs but in that case, the velvety quality I was looking for was achieved by addding cream cheese and sour cream to the base.  Back to the drawing board.  I’ll make a base vanilla custard with eggs and add the sweet potatoes and spices and report back!  But for now, you can enjoy the photo!