Oven roasted ribs

Who says you can’t have tender falling off the bone ribs, in your home oven. Well sure they can’t possibly rival the best smoke joints in town, but in just over 3 hours, you can have falling off the bone, lip smacking ribs that satisfy that urge to eat with your hands and savor the dense, delicious taste of slow cooked meat.  I took a rack of pork ribs, seasoned them liberally with a grocery store creole seasoning, and placed them on a baking rack suspended over a sheet pan.  At 300F it took just over three hours to get these ribs moist and delicious. The secret is that when the ribs are done (which you will know because the bones will easily move around and almost fall out), lift the entire slab onto some heavy duty foil and cover tightly with additional foil.  Let them steam in the foil outside the oven for about 15 minutes and serve immediately.  Eat them right away because refrigerated and later reheated ribs just don’t cut it. Enjoy!