I just tried……

one of our cheesecake brownies……right out of the fridge…I must say, so good….a fudgy brownie which just melts in your mouth swirled with a vanilla cheesecake……when we open the new store we are going to selling them on line……so excited. Well, the store looks to be getting closer to opening. I am thinking that July 20th or 25th might be the actual date……the equipment has arrived. The sink is in. The ovens and mixers are hooked up. Now we await the case and the other supplies which will make up our second location! Looking forward to seeing you all there!

The new bakery! Opening in July!

Well, it’s official, the equipment is being delivered today (last time it couldn’t fit through the door!), and the bakery is on it’s way to being fully operational sometime in July!  Very exciting.  Randall hired a new cake decorator yesterday (for the new store), and we are all excited at the new opportunities which will be coming our way as we open our second location in Buckingham!