Cake of the day

Ok….a client came in and said she wanted Old Fashioned Hollywood Glamour….I think we pulled it off….thoughts?

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4 thoughts on “Cake of the day

  1. Your desserts the mini pastries look like the ones I use to purchase on QVC that were made by Annie B’s. Did you take over her company?

  2. Dear Felix and Randall,

    My mom (Shirley Burck) told me to take a look at your
    website…. WOW…. The cakes are GORGEOUS. I will NEVER
    forget your kindness towards my brother and I when my
    mom had open heart surgery a while back. It meant a great
    deal to us that she has such wonderful friends. I hope
    you are feeling well and that you both are enjoying a superb
    summer. Would love to meet you!!!! Much success with
    your new venture…… Best wishes, Linda

  3. yes you nailed it.. it’s beyond wonderful.. i love the whimsical but controlled top and the diamond studded ribbons.. wonderful wondeful..

    and you know.. it not only looks good.. it tastes amazing like my wedding cake you made for in in 06′ did!

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