Heath Blondies

If you search for Blondies on my site you will see a recipe that comes up which I made for the ladies at the Heritage Towers Retirement Home in Doylestown PA.  I say ladies because well most of their husbands are deceased. Just the luck of the draw you know. We men don’t live as long as the ladies.  Anyway, we call BINGO there every other Wednesday!  Oh yes, a big hit we are.  Well, last week I took that recipe, omitted the coconut and substituted one bag of Heath Bar pieces.  Absolutely delicious.  Addictive you might say.  I made another batch for work tomorrow! I’ll post a picture Monday as the work folk insist I make another batch!

3 thoughts on “Heath Blondies

  1. Hey Felix:

    Would love the recipe for the heath blondies, but when I searched around, I never found the recipe. Not sure if it’s posted.

    If you get a chance, send it my way . . . they sound irresistible.

    Lots of Love To You & Rand – Debbie

  2. Your Heath Blondies sound irresistible, but can’t find the recipe on your site. Would love to have it so I can ooh and awww about it too.

    Lots of Love – Debbie

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