Soy Fruit Smoothie


Being on the vegan cleanse I have to get protein from a source other than meat, so, I have perfected the art of the smoothie.  First, soy milk.  On its own, it doesn’t thrill me with its flavor, but whirled into a fruit smoothie, it’s a perfect base for frozen fruits and cold juices–and a great source for protein.  Second, fruit.  You simply must freeze your fruit first so that when combined with the cold milk, it will form an icy mass without the addition of ice cubes (which ultimately waters down your smoothie). In today’s case, I froze fresh blueberries and chunked banana–solid.  Finally, the addition of cold juices, in this case pineapple and pomegranite.  Adding another dimension of flavor, these juices also assist in the creation of a smooth mass that is easily pourable.  If you like, a tablespoon or two of protein powder will make for a low fat, protein packed treat.

3/4 cup cold low fat soy milk

3/4 cup frozen fruit of your choice (blueberries, bananas, strawberries, apple, melon)

1/2  cup cold juice of your choice (pineapple, acai, V8 Splash, pomegranite)

1 tablespoon protein powder


Whirl all ingredients in a blender and serve immediately. 

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