Patty shoe

Pate a choux is, I would say, the most versatile of the French patisserie line up–and the easiest.  Shaped into eclairs or cream puffs, sweet or savory, this simplest of doughs can be stirred together in the time that the oven barely has a chance to preheat.  Split open and filled with pure vanilla ice cream, then decadently drizzled with any sweet sauce, these now Profiteroles are the perfect ending to any dinner party.  Small and “just enough.”  The key to preventing collapse of any cream puff is to actually overbake them.  The high concentration of eggs in the batter will form the distinctive puff and you’ll be tempted to take them out of the oven when lightly browned.  But, continue to bake them until they produce a distinctive thump when tapped gently with a fingertip. The hard crunchy exterior will prevent collapse and when split open, they will still retain their shape. Enjoy!   

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